Sunday, September 24, 2006

How to sell me something

I'm not talking about cars or appliances or computers. I mean candy bars, cookies, peanuts, etc - the kind that are sold to raise money for whatever charity or group that you are a part of.

I'll buy from Scouts, sports teams, Kiwanas, Disabled American Veterans, and others that have a clearly stated goal. Boy Scouts is close to my heart (just bought some Trails End popcorn yesterday as well as some Kiwanas peanuts) and sports teams are always worth some of my money.

What bugs me are the kids that show up wanting my to buy magazines. Not that they are selling magazines but the the kids themselves. Around here the kids are usually black and mumble. And if I don't buy the magazine then they are doomed to a life of drug abuse. I'm serious. The line is

<mumble>"Would you like to buy a magazine to help keep me off drugs?"</mumble>

This will never work for me.

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