Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bob isn't so happy

Who's Bob?

Bob the Tomato

Our family are huge VeggieTales fans. VHS, DVD, and CD - the stories are wonderful presentations of biblical stories that kids of all ages can enjoy. And probably learn something from. Big Idea used to be located in Illinois not too far from where we live but were purchased and are now down in Tennessee. But thats now why Bob is sad.

Big Idea signed a deal with NBC to bring VeggieTales to Saturday morning cartoons. Personally I think it's an excellent idea. But NBC decided that VeggieTales is too religous and demanded edits as they don't want to advocate any particular point of view. But if you look at what was removed it's hard to see how this doesn't meet broadcasting standards:

    "Calm down. The Bible says we should love our enemies."

Who is going to be offended by this?

I'm not sure who is at fault here? NBC for being cowardly or Big Idea for caving in? Either way the public loses.

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