Saturday, September 09, 2006

Montgomery Gentry - Again

They are playing the Rosemont Theater in October. The wife wants to go. I don't so she talks to a friend and she'll go. Then her sister calls and wants to go. Why do I care? Cause I'm supposed to find 3 tickets in the first 5 rows!

Ok - no problem. The wife is a member of the fan club and there is a presale. Good shot there. However the presale is run by Music City Networks and they keep changing the time when seats go on sale. First 8:00 CDT on Friday. Great - no problem. No tickets available at 8:00. Then they post a message - 9:00 CDT on Friday. Crap! I've got a meeting to attend. So I go late to the meeting and still no tickets. Luckily for me it's a short (and frustrating) meeting. At 9:26 they post a message - tickets at 10:00am CDT. And it really happens.

Except the tickets start at the 8th row. Oh well. I resign to paying scalper, I mean ticket agent prices next week.

So today I'm painting the front door and I decide to check Ticketmaster at 11:00. Three tickets - way in the balcony. Two tickets - back of the main floor. Single ticket - front row just left of center! Bought it. Check again and get another front row just right of center. Will I get lucky and get a third?

Nope. Ended up with a 10th row just off center. But every one is happy and I don't have to pay scapler prices!

More money for knives!

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