Thursday, June 22, 2006

Relay for Life 2006

Thing2 and I were there again walking with PJ's team - Carrie's Choir

One of the fundraisers is 'selling' a section of sidewalk.

Our team is in the background of this shot. A little smaller than last year but motivated just the same.

Lumanaria are another of the fund raisers. Over 1500 of them lined the track.

This is my Aunt Hazel. Died at 96 from breast cancer.

Jacki is one of the wife's sisters. She's a nine year survivor of metastatic breast cancer. She had been given a 20% chance of surviving 5 years! Helen is my mom. She died in 1985 from colon cancer. Thing1, born 6 weeks later, would have been her first grandchild.

Linda was the wife's other sister. She died from metastatic breast cancer 11 years ago.

But relay is not just about the dead. It's about the living. Survivors walk the first lap. There were a couple of stragglers that were a 100 yards behind but they made it.

After walking began the fun started. Mr Relay - a very popular event was first. These fine 'men' raised over $1800.00 in 40 minutes.

The winner was surprising to say the least.

This beautiful young lady had a interesting way to raise money. She was going to cut her hair for "Locks of Love" which provides hair to make wigs for those under 18 that are undergoing chemo and radation therapy. These therapies tend to make your hair fall out. For guys - not a big deal. For the young ladies it can lower their self image which can increase their recovery time. Locks of Love works to prevent that. To try and raise money at relay she auctioned off the cutting of the hair. The high bidder would get to do the work.

I'm trying to talk Thing2 into doing this. Her hair grows so fast.

Around 10:00pm they do a slide show with all the names that are on the lumanaria. PJ went with her daughter and Thing2 and went to watch the slides. I decided to sit in from of my mom's lumanaria and just think about her. 21 years this year. It's been a long time. Cancer sucks.

We'll be back next year. Rumor has it we'll be spending the night.

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