Friday, June 23, 2006

A crazy day

Woke up early and went to work early - figuring I'd get out early. Ha - no such luck. A two hour meeting, office move planning, spec'ing out new servers, the usual fun stuff. By the time I got out and on the road people were doing strange things.

A Toyota Highlander went through a red light at 50mph. I not talking as the light turned red. I mean traffic was flowing through the intersection when the Highlander went through. Farther up the road a Subaru Legend was driving, well, slow. And changing lanes randomly. Get up to a train crossing. Gates are down and no train. Turned around and went through Bartlett. Got passed by a Chevy Colorado doing ~50 in a residential area. Get back onto a highway and a dump truck decides that he'd rather be in my lane. Brakes and horn were functioning well :-)

It was nice to get home...

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