Friday, June 02, 2006

I love Content Inspection

Content Inspection is used by email filtering appliances to keep "bad" words from being seen in the email of the site using the appliance. I've been in a discussion about some problems I'm seeing at work regarding a upgrade of our Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain to Windows Server 2003. I sent a message earlier today that had the word crap in it. Here's what I got back:

    The xxxx IS Content Screening and Inspection system has quarantined the following message because it contains inappropriate content. If you believe this message is legitimate, please contact XXXXXX Service Cenre on +xx (x)xx xxx xxx we will arrange for the message to be released.

    Expression Content:
    Script Profanity List (English) Triggered in Body
    Expression: crap Triggered 3 times weighting 6

What a crappy piece of software!

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