Saturday, June 03, 2006

Poodlize your Doberman

My sister Maggie has two Dobermans - Clay and Gracie. Clay was found abandoned on the side of the road - abused and neglected (why anyone would abuse an animal that can rip your arm off I'll never understand) and has turned into a sweet, lovable, and incredibly protective member of her family. Grace was adopted from the Tennesee Valley Dobe Rescue. A bit bigger than Clay, Grace is an attention hound. If you try and ignore her she'll sit on your foot and lean into you until you come to her way of thinking and give her some attention. Then she'll lay in your lap to keep you all to herself.

Some folks think that dogs like Dobermans are bad. (Personally I think it's the owners who are bad and need to be put down but thats me) Anyways if you have a Dobe or one of the other persecuted breeds there may be a way to get them out for a walk without scaring anyone.

Poodle disguise for Dobermans

I'd rather just take Clay and Gracie for a walk just as they are. According to my sister walking two Dobes can clear the sidewalk really fast. :-)

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