Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chase Daniels Live

Chase Daniels? Just who is he? To the thousands of people at Chicagoland Speedway back in July that were there for the Montgomery Gentry show on pole day they were the opening band who's lead singer didn't bother to give out the band's web site so any potential fans could find out where they were playing. The wife and some of the other MG fans that were there in July went back and forth after the show trying to remember the name of the opening band. After they figured it out and found the bands website we (well not so much me) made plans to go see him. And thats what we did last night.

We went to the Last Shot Bar and Grill in South Elgin, Illinois. Not to far from home so we went a little early to get a decent seat as the person on the phone said it was a small place.

Walking into a small bar when you're not a 'local' is a strange experience. Everyone looked at us as we walked in. The wife poked me and told me to go first. Cold beer solves everything :-) The barmaid told us where the band would set up so we kept moving seats as people left to get well positioned for the show.

After a while some guys showed up and started setting up. I asked one if he was with the band and it turned out to be Chase Daniels himself. He talked with us for quite a while. We got to meet his wife, other band members and the site webmaster. The wife told him about seeing him in July and he shared the story of the band coming out at Joliet and being shocked at the size of the crowd. Anyways he was a real nice guy as was everyone else we met. Well except the woman next to me decided that her rear end was supposed to be in my lap much of the evening...

Once the show started it was pretty enjoyable. A mix of covers and original songs. Some of the audio may be a little distorted as I was ~3 feet from one of the speakers.

And just because the drummer is a fan of #24 don't hold it against the band. #20 is our guy and we still enjoyed the show. In fact the wife has made plans to go see them again next year.

We left at the end of the second set. We were up way past our bedtime... Chase and his wife thanked us personally for coming. Real nice people. One of the guitarists and the webmaster did the same.

If Chase Daniels and Western Star are ever in your neck of the woods give them a listen.

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