Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Vista Effect

I like Vista. Not enough to run out and buy it but I will move to it at work. Home, if it ever happens, will take awhile.

For those thinking about the upgrade - well this looks like of interesting:
    For every $1 spent on Microsoft's new operating system, businesses and consumers will spend $9.33 on hardware $5.35 on software $3.93 on service providers

So if I were to buy a $200.00 Vista upgrade license IDC expects that I'll spend $1,900.00 for a new PC, over $1,000.00 on new software, and $800.00 on service providers? The first two make sense. One needs a decent PC with lots of memory and a excellent video card to take advantage of Vista. Software will need to be upgraded. But service providers? Unless IDC thinks that more people will go online with Vista?

Ubuntu is looking better every day.

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