Tuesday, January 30, 2007

24 - Hour #6

Another slow hour - must be setting us up for something big.

I found it interesting that Nadia can't be a terrorist because she's a registered Republican. Couldn't help but notice the slight smile on her face when she started using Milo's credentials to do work. (You know - for a security pro he's pretty stupid) Me thinks she's up to something real bad. Or just has a thing for Milo...

I think Jack's still waking up from being in China. No way he would have fallen for his brothers crap had he been totally with it. It looks like Jack's dad will take the fall/sacrifice himself for Jack to get free and take out his brother - with extreme prejudice. Jack will probably get his wife as a reward.

As always - see Blogs4Bauer for all things 24. Where, btw, I'm 0 for the season on the kill counter...

Coming later - how to put 24 on your iPod.

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