Thursday, April 27, 2006

One of those days

I had planned on it being a nice, quiet, simple, morning. Get up and get moving when the alarm went off and come in to work and upgrade a few servers during a network outage before the regular work day started.

Couldn't sleep. Just one of those nights where there was too much going on in my head to relax. Finally doze off and the alarm went off. Off came the covers, the cold air hit (the wife likes the window open), covers went right back on, and back to sleep. 30 minutes later I realize I need to get moving.

Made it to work around 6:00. A bit late but nothing terrible. Started the service pack install on 4 servers and went to my office. Logged in and I got a message that Windows Update had installed a patch and was rebooting my computer. Hmmm - I don't have WU configured to do that. And then it hits me - I had to reinstall Update Services on my WSUS server and I redid the GPOs to cover machines that aren't in the usual OUs (like mine) and I managed to leave some WSUS required patches enabled. Crap! Disabled them as my pc was rebooting. Oh well - at last count only a few hundred machines needed these patches so the damage might not he too bad. I suppose I could always blame the networking people. :-)

As this was all going on I was expecting the server upgrades to choke but all 4 succeeded. Yea!

The best part is that there will be snacks at the meeting today so the day will get better.

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