Monday, October 17, 2005

Visiting Thing1

We took a ride to visit Thing1 at school on Saturday as we had some things to drop off. He was having problems with his wireless access point (old Linksys BEFR model) so he wanted me to look at that as well.

The WAP was toast so we were off to Best Buy to do some shopping. On the way there the kids decided they were hungry so we stopped at Uno's for pizza. Their deep dish pie has a great crust. I wish I could get mine to turn out like that. This is probably my favorite 'chain' pizza.

Best Buy was nice enough to have a D-Link 802.11g WAP on sale. $20.00 after rebate. Thing1 looked longingly at the 802.11g PCMCIA card for his Dell. I smiled and said that he could buy it himself if he wanted it. He then came up with the novel idea of me buying it and him giving me the after rebate price in cash. I gave in and added it to the pile.

As we walked to the front I managed to acquire a CD that my wife wanted. Amazingly nothing else. $120.00 later ($70.00 in rebates to send for) we were on the way to Target (one of my least favorite stores) to get some stuff for his room. I looked at CDs and found the Barlow Girl's latest Another Journal Entry. It included a 'Target Exclusive' second CD so I bought it there.

Back at his room we set up the WAP. The DHCP server isn't quite as nice as the Linksys or the NetGear I have at home where you can map MAC addresses to the server. We had to assign a fixed DHCP address to each of his devices that were going to be attached and then set the range to cover those 4 addresses. Otherwise it was easy for others to mooch off his WAP.

And then it was time to go. Had to get home to feed the dog. As we walked out I noticed the way he was carrying himself and talking to others that we passed - he's grown up a lot. He's turning into a fine young man.

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Mrs. G said...

You can tell by the way you talk about your son that you are very proud of him!

My daughter turned 18 yesterday and I still don't know how to feel. She is still in high school and will be at home a couple of more years I'm sure, but it seems so hard to let them grow up!
It is especially hard for me as she is our first child and we have only just adopted her. She has been with us for 2 years now and she was still quite timid and introverted.

So in saying all that I do have a question from a new parent to a more experienced one how do you let them go?
That is so hard for me!