Sunday, July 17, 2005

Democrats against the Fantastic 4

Via Thing2. I thought that the movie was pretty good myself.


Below are the TOP 10 reasons why Democrats hate The Fantastic Four:

10.) Democrats would claim that the Human Torch causes Global Warming and would want him arrested and confined.

9.) Democrats don't want to spend any money NASA or related space exploration. They would never have supported the experimental space voyage which created the Fantastic Four.

8.) Democrats would have sued The Thing for causing a mess during his attempt to save the guy attempting suicide.

7.) Democrats don't like fighting or physical violence and would rather talk about the situation with Dr. Doom and the U.N. rather than going to action to defeat him.

6.) Democrats would fear that the U.S. Government would use Invisible Woman's powers to enforce the Patriot Act and spy on people in the United States.

5.) Democrats hate using a lot of energy and would severely fine the Fantastic Four for their large use of electricity in their experiments.

4.) Democrats want their super hero teams to be more ethnically diverse.

3.) Democrats would want the Fantastic Four to form a coalition with European nations and not act unilaterally on their own.

2.) Democrats are too inflexible for Reed Richards.

And The Number One Reason Why Democrats Hate The Fantastic Four...

1.) Democrats hate terrible movies like this one!

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