Friday, July 01, 2005

New Knife

One of my favorite mail lists is tkc - The Knife Collectors List. With collectors and makers as members the discussions are very interesting. Every year or so one of the makers is selected by a vote of collectors to make a knife just for list members who want one. This year Thomas Haslinger (for the second time in 3 years) was selected for a small fixed blade. Mine just arrived in the mail.

It is Serial # 1 to match my TKCL 2002 knife from Thomas. The scales are Mammoth Ivory with gold pins and gold dust in the tusk 'ache'. The handmade molded leather sheath has a belt clip and inlay of carp.

Nice little knife. One of a kind and all mine!

1 comment:

David Chaplin said...

Are collectables knives like yours usually registered? I recently found a knife very similar to yours, but with a dark wood handle. I would like to return it to the owner. It has an engraved seriel # on it.

Any suggestions?