Saturday, April 02, 2005

Verizon Wireless

We've been Verizon Wireless customers for about 1 and a half years. Before that it was T-Mobile/Voicestream for 2+ years. Back when we had phone problems (actual hardware problems) a call to Voicestream had a new phone in the mail. With a particular model of phone that was a good thing as there was a battery problem.

We have family plan so that Thing1 and the wife can talk whenever they want. After Thing2s school bus became less than reliable I got her one too. Nothing fancy - just a low end Nokia. It's a nice little full featured phone. Last week Thing2 said she couldn't plug in the charger. Took a look at it and the pin was busted. I called the store where I purchased the phone and I was told to bring it in and they would replace it.

So The wife, Thing1, and Thing2 head off to the mall where the store is. Different clerk than I talked to. He refused to do anything. Even a call to Verizon headquarters went nowhere. At this point The Wife was furious and Thing2 was crying. Really lousy customer service. We were ready to pay the fees and dump Verizon. Shopping continued for the girls while Thing1 went wandering. Later on he walked into the same store to look at the PDA/phones and a different sales person approached him. She asked if he was a wireless customer and he said yes, we as a family were customers were Verizon customers but thinking of changing. She asked why so he explained. A minute later she said to bring the phone back and she'll replace it. Five minutes later the phone was replaced and everybody was happy.

Turns out the sales clerk who saved the day was the same one who sold me the phone. Thanks Cortney.

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