Monday, April 11, 2005

I stopped complaining

about sore muscles a long time ago.

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois. 75 degrees, sun, a nice breeze. One almost forgot what a lousy state this is. Even the post-Valium mind fog was gone. After Church it seemed like a good time to rake out the lawn, clean up flower beds, etc, so I spent the day doing that. 7 hours later the front yard looked pretty good. One more flower bed to clean up but it was time for dinner.

After cleaning up and cooking dinner I laid down to do my daily stretching. Hmmm - there were muscles hurting where I had forgotten I had muscles. I started to whine and it hit me that there are Marines and Soldiers that have lost limbs and volunteered to go back into combat. Who am I to whine about a little muscle pain. So I did my exercises. In quiet reverance.

Blackfive has an update on a Marine that you may want to check out.

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