Sunday, October 10, 2004

Round 2

And the winner is - W!

While the questions were a tad on the lame side and a bit biased towards
Senator Kerry I really enjoyed the debate. Between Kerry's condescending
attitude, repeatitive mention of war in Afghanistan as the only front in
the Global War on Terror, and out and out lying he was easy to laugh
(and yell) at. W, while a little on the cranky side at times, was really
at ease in front of the crowd.

I don't think anyone who was for either canidate changed their minds. As
far as the undecided, well, are probably still undecided. I'm not sure
how one can be at this point. The two platforms are the opposite of each
other. Either Kerry meets your needs or W does. Maybe Nader does it for
you (sorry). If you're unsure do your own investigation. Don't depend on
the news. They are biased. Read left wing blogs and right wing blogs.
You will find what you're looking for.

Anyways - back to the debate. I loved the W's line about having wood.
Excellent. Kerry seemed to be interested in dropping Republican names.
Bush was positive, Kerry dumped on our allies in the Global War on Terror.

I want to know how raising taxes on 2% of the taxpayers will pay for all
of Kerry's plans?

I want to know how the Goverment creates jobs? It seems to be that
business creates jobs. It's up to the goverment to create an environment
suitable for business. Democrats make a big deal of the millions of jobs
created in the 90's. Somehow Clinton gets the credit. Seems to be that
the dot-com explosion created the jobs. And when it ended the jobs
started disappearing. And Bush got blamed even though the job loss
started before the election.

Presidents should be selected on leadership capabilities. In that role
there is no contest. While Kerry is a war 'hero' his post war
activities, lack of accomplishment in the Senate, and his position on
getting the worlds ok to kill terrorists who threaten the U.S. make him
unsuitable. W is the opposite. Decide, plan, implement. He may not have
perfect look or speech but he is real. And that is what I want.

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