Sunday, October 17, 2004

My old house - Part 2

My house is on a slab. I'd like a basement but in the area I live we'd end up with another 50 - 100K on the mortgage and its not worth it. Slabs can make for interesting plumbing installations.

The bathtub uses an usual trap. Water flows in a u-shape pipe to a trap at floor level. Then there is a pipe at the top of the trap and leads to the main line. And that pipe likes to clog with hair. Usually Thing2's.

As part of the bathroom project we (royal we) replaced the toilet. I had never done this before but it didn't look to difficult. Took the old one out, removed the tile, cleaned the wax off the flange, and put new tile down. A quick look at the flange and it looked to not be level. Bad news
for a toilet. Put the level on it and it was pretty close. The floor slopes from back to front! After the tile was down things looked pretty good. Set the new bowl in place and carefully tightened it down. Wouldn't want to crack a $250.00 toilet.

Set the tank on. Big thick gasket. This is my only complaint about the toilet. One has to put a decent amount of pressure on the tank to compress the gasket while tightening nuts that are kind of hidden. After a bit of work it was together. Connected the water and turned it on. And it worked! No leaks, no gurgles. Yes!

Finished up the trim. Just gotta seal the new grout.

Just in time to paint Thing2's room.

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