Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Old House

Built in 1957 it's not really old but it is older than I am. It belonged to my wife's parents (who had bought it new) and Thing1 has hinted that he'd like us to give it to him someday. Give?

Old houses are interesting. In some ways they are built better than most of todays houses. However the quality of work that has been done on them over the years can make for exciting afternoons.

Once I had an electrical outlet in the kitchen that wasn't working right. The toaster wouldn't work. All the other outlets in the kitchen were ok as were the lights. Checked the outlet - ok. A couple of days later a light started acting strange. Ok - bad connection somewhere. Traced the problem to a junction box in the attic. Under 14 inches of insulation. At his time I had not yet turned any power off. So I unscrewed the cover plate and smoke started coming out. Thats a bad sign. Scrambled down the stairs and killed the power. Back in the attic I took the cover off and took a look. The hot line was twisted together and wrapped with friction tape! So I took everything apart and put it together the right way. Wire nuts, electical tape, and lots of care. No problems since!

We've (the royal we, I do all the work) have remodeled every room in the house at least once. The only room we've only done minor work to was the bathroom. It has (had) a pink tub and toilet. Well the tub is white now. The toilet will be soon. New walls and bright white paint as well as ceramic tile on the floor. Which leads to the interesting part. I did the measurements, laid out my reference lines, and put the tile down. As I got closer to the tub I noticed that it was set at a angle. A subtle one but enough that if one looks closely you can see it. Oh well - there is always carpet.

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