Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Thing1 is attending a private liberal arts school. It's also a Christian
school. It's not really in the budget but it seems like the right thing
to do.

Anyways the rooms are actually 2 room suites with a walk-in closet and a
bathroom for the occupants. 2 students per room so 4 per suite. Thing1's
roommate is(was) his polar opposite. Thing1 is quiet, keeps to himself,
neat, and very easy going. Likes loud music but wears headphones to keep
from annoying others. I may be bragging but I think the wife and I did a
pretty good job raising him.

The roommate on the other hand is very different. Loud, outgoing, and a
little messy. Gangsta rap at midnight at full volume does not make for a
happy thing...

Well Thing1 came home from a service project and got yelled at by the
roommate for not waking him. Later on he came back and roommate was
packing up and moving. Quiet for awhile. Hopefully the roommate finds
someone that he gels with so that he is a success at school. Time will tell.

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