Sunday, August 29, 2004

Happy Aniversary

August 27th, 1983. A hot and steamy day here in Illinois. I spent the
afternoon in a church. Without air conditioning. Well worth the time as
the wife and I were married before God, family, and friends. The wedding
was followed by a excellent party at a local country club that was
enjoyed by all.

Fast forward to August 27th, 2004. 21 years of marriage has produced 2
children (well according to the wife I should be included in that count
making it 3), lots of memories, love, happiness, and challenges. Usually
I take the day off from work so that I can spend it with the wife. This
year was no exception. Except that we spent the day moving Thing1 into
his room at college. The wife and Thing1 are prety close. They have been
since day 1. The tension had been building for a couple of weeks. Thing1
couldn't wait to go. The wife didn't want to let go. But finally it was
time to leave. Thing1 was off to chapel and I had finished fixing the tv
antenna connection. A quiet ride home - except for occasional tears.
It's hard to let go...

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