Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not a Fan

But a blower motor resistor.

Thing1 was complaining about only have 2 of the 4 fan speeds on his A/C in his car. A quick Google and it appeared it was the blower motor resistor. No problem. The online instructions looked pretty simple and 5 minutes at had a new resisitor on the way.

Took things apart this morning. What a pain. First you need a 5.5mm socket - Had that. A 1/4 inch swivel would have been nice but no such luck. The motor came out quickly and I could see the resistor.

It's down in the footwell above the motor. And one of the screws is against the firewall with no room to get the socket wrench in there. Grrr. Just moving the resistor 90 degrees to the right or left would have made this a 5 minute (rather than 2 hour) job.

But now it's done. 4 fan speeds. A happy Thing1.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I royal PITA. Just did one this weekend. A 5.5 mm swivel socket would have made it so much easier. Locally, no go.

I had the service manual, but it tells noting of the size needed, but you don't have to remove the blower.

I was able to coax a regular swivel joint to at least work. I forgot if I used a 12 or 6 pt socket.

So what does this job cost at a dealer?