Friday, September 19, 2008

New Toys

I went to the Chicago Custom Knife Show last weekend looking for something to use in the kitchen. Didn't have much luck but I did pick up a couple of inexpensive fixed blades.

This one is just over 4.5 inches long including a 1.25 inch blade. Very light and handy. The maker, James Krause, and his wife were very nice people to talk with - which made spending money with them quite easy. I even got a thank you card in the mail yesterday. Impressive.

This is just as a simple hunter from Mark Nevling. I have a number of these (even though I don't hunt). The finish isn't quite up there but the price was right - especially compared to other sub $150.00 knives at the show. The blade is not stainless, which means it can rust. When inspecting it I noticed a small speck of rust on the back side. The maker took 20% off the price since I didn't want to wait for him to clean it up. Sold! Perfect for me.

This is probably my last Chicago Custom Knife Show as it's moving to downtown Chicago next year. I do my best to not spend any money in Chicago proper. A number of vendors weren't happy about the change either. We'll see what 2010 brings.

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