Saturday, December 15, 2007


Every once in a while you hear a song where the lyric just sticks in your head. The first time I heard "Bowling Ball" by Superchick and the line:
    you need that boy like a bowling ball dropped on your head which means not at all

I was hooked. As a father of a 16 year old girl I wanted her to understand that as well. So I bought Beauty from Pain and gave it a listen. Awesome. Gave it to Thing2 and it went right on her iPod. Great music for anyone but especially for girls. Lots of girl power in those words.

Last Sunday Superchick headlined at a concert in Naperville at the Harvest Bible Church. I got Gold Circle tickets for Thing2 and myself. The wife doesn't like Christian rock so it was just me and my girl.

Harvest is in a office park area in Naperville. The build seemed like a converted office building with the sanctuary in the basement. We got there ~90 minutes early as it was general admission and we wanted to get as close as possible.

First the bad: Edan Concerts in the promoter of Christian music in the area and the crowd control was terrible. The doors didn't open till 15 minutes before the show started and people were able to walk right up and get in front of people who had been there for an hour. Even with this mess we ended up in the second row.

Now the good:

Starlit Platoon led off. IMO this is a band with great potential. Tight music with excellent lyrics. Thing1 would like these guys.

Jimmy Needham was next. Just him and an acoustic guitar (and his wife for two songs) I was so impressed I bought the CD afterwards.

Next up was KJ52. Did I ever mention I really don't like rap. Or hip-hop. On the other hand they were kind of fun. Thing2 seemed to really like them. She got their autographs afterward.

And then there was Superchick. The only bad thing I can say about Superchick's performance is that it was too short. Other than that they were great!

And now for some live music. I apologize for the audio. It was my wife's point and shoot Canon and the mic on it is very sensitive.

Bowling Ball

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

It was great to see all the girls there singing every word right along with the band and bouncing to the music. Great music for kids. Girl power all the way. Just what a dad should want for his daughter.

Go see Superchick. Starlit Platoon and Jimmy Needham as well. And if hip-hop is your thing KJ52.

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