Monday, December 17, 2007

Bears vs Vikings on Monday Night Footbal

First: ESPN HD audio sucks. We're watching on ABC HD out of Chicago and it keeps dropping out. It's gotten better as the game has progressed but it's still on the bad side.

Second: These announcers are annoying. Could they have found three guys who disliked the Bears any more than these guys?

Third: The refs are terrible. The penalty right before the half for a hit out of bounds was yet another gift to the Vikings. Right after the review taking away the TD from Moose (who was nice enough to actually catch a ball that Orton threw to him)

Fourth: According to the Daily Herald Orton was supposed to have the full package. Way to many passes for 5 yards. C'mon - stretch the field!

Update #1: Whoever Jaws is - what an ass!

Update #2: C'mon Bears - tackle!

Update #3: The announcers really need to remove their lips from the Viking's rears. Could they just be a little impartial? And could the Bears stop the one yard passes to the wide receivers? Go down the field!

Update #4: Kyle - please settle down. That was an easy pass. Had McKie wide open.

Update #5: That was really bad Chicago. Allowing a cold QB to run the ball in like that.

Update #6: The refs blew the intentional grounding call. Orton's leg is being pulled as he strides into the throw and the pass goes short. Are they trying to make sure the Vikings win? It doesn't help that the Bear's D seems to be giving up.

Update #7: So close. A little more to the center of the field and it was a TD.

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