Monday, March 26, 2007

An Interesting Day

Thing2 is on spring break starting today. She got to start by getting her braces off!!! She still has a semi-permanent retainer and one that comes out easily but no braces. The smile is awesome!

After she got home from the orthodontist a boy showed up. Not just any boy but a boyfriend! Grr Arg. The wife dropped them off at a local pizza place so they could have lunch. When I got home they were sitting in the living room talking. I sat down and we talked. The boy was polite at all times. Asked about where I worked and what we did there. When he reached out and took Thing2's hand I asked him if he liked old swords. It took a second but then he let go. I went on with the story of the sword my dad gave me years ago. He looked at little worried when I talked about the blood stains on the blade :-)

I took him home around 5:00. When he said good bye he said to expect to see more of him...

On the other hand when I mentioned to my wife that I needed a new gun ... she didn't argue...

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