Saturday, March 17, 2007

Go Tour

What a night. Since Thing1 was going to be home for Spring Break I got tickets for the four of us to see Stellar Kart, Kutless, and the Newsboys at Life Changers International Church. This was a first for the wife as she's not really a fan of Christian music - unless it's in the green book. Thing1 had seen Stellar Kart and Kutless before so he had given us a preview of what to expect.

Thing1 and I got there early as it's a general admission show. We still ended up 5 rows from the back but stage center - which is ok as the auditorium is fairly small. Thing2 had to get something from the bands - it's just the way she is. Ended up with a Newsboys hat and buttons from Stellar Kart. Nothing from Kutless. At 8:00 the show began...

Stellar Kart is full of energy. Nice tight music and excellent vocals with meaningful lyrics (life is good but eternal life is better).

Thing2 captured a bit of one of her favorite songs.

They only played 6 songs but the energy was awesome.

After a 10 minute break Kutless came on. I wasn't expecting much as Thing1 had a bad review. They were great. Excellent mix of ballads and good old fashioned rock and roll.

And the it was time for the Newsboys. Paul Coleman came out and talked a bit while the stage was being changed. Paul discussed the Newsboys participation with Global Tribe to end poverty around the world. A few minutes later the Newsboys hit the stage!

I loved it. So did Thing2. Thing1 and the wife - not so much.

Cells phones rather than lighters

Some old school electronica Newsboys

And a spinning drum set

Awesome show. Good old fashioned loud rock and roll with a message.

If the Go Tour comes around - just GO!

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