Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day - sorta

We had winter storm warnings. Big deal - here in Northern Illinois we get these all the time. When I left for work we had gotten maybe an inch of snow. Enough to cancel school for Thing2 (she was happy - after she got back from the bus stop...) We had the ok to stay home and take a day of vacation if we wanted to. The weather didn't seem so bad so off I went.

My normal 25 minute drive took 50. People were taking it easy - except for the 4WD trucks. For some reason they thought my bumper was a good place to hang out... Most people came in - except for the ones with fancy new 4WD trucks. Seemed strange to me.

Left a little early figuring I could clean up the driveway from the inch or so of snow real quick and have some time to relax. Hah! The driveway had anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow on it. Some drifts were deeper. Almost 2 hours later I had mine as well as my neighbors done.

Buffy, on the other hand, had the right idea for a snowy day!

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