Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Day in Chicago

I'm not much of a fan of cities. Or crowds. So what does the family want to do? Go to Chicago and wander State Street and Michigan Avenue!

Getting there wasn't bad. We took the train in. $5.00 each for a weekend pass. From Union Station we headed up to State Street and wandered around. Macys continued a lot of the Marshall Fields traditions. Looked very sharp. And unlike Target the Salvation Army was welcome.

We headed over to Pizano's" Pizza for lunch. According to Thing1 they were rated the best thin crust pie in Chicago. It was excellent. We then headed down to Michigan Avenue. Thing2 ran into a candy bar.

And we ran into Santa in a alternate form.

This sign was kind of disturbing.

If you search for more information it seems to be showing up all over the place

After we wandered Water Tower Place (where Thing2 got her picture taken with a Abercrombie model...) we headed up Michigan Avenue. The Lego Store was found and explored. The things that can be built are just so cool.

In the same building we found Santa. Thing2 just had to have her picture taken.

Thing1 had to show off his newest toy. Someday he might grow up. I hope it's not too soon.

As we continued to walk the clouds seem to get lower.

Our last stop before heading home was ChristKindleMart in Daley Plaza. Both the Jewish and Christian faiths were represented.

The Chicago tree is always impressive.

As is the village.

After taking in a street performance we headed home. I was ready.

I did notice that the police presence varied. In the heavy shopping areas they were everywhere. On the streets walking back to the train station there were none. A lot more homeless begging for money this year. On the way home the wife commented that one of her friends takes along McDonalds gift certificates to give to the home folks rather than money. I think we'll do that next year. This year most of our money went into the Salvation Army buckets.

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