Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

- Hmmm 8:07 Central and the only exciting news so far is that 'Mother Sheehan' has been removed.
- The wife wonders - whats the big yellow thing in the crowd?
- Aww - a kiss for Condi.
- 2nd standing O
- Nice Eulogy. Rest in peace Mrs. King. 3rd standing O
- Debate in civil tone. Nice dig.
- Strong and can get stronger
- Go get the bad guys - yea!
- Be a leader. Secure the peace. Best defense is an overwhelming offense
- 9/11 mention. The D's will harp on that
- Spread democracy around the world
- Oooh - Radical Islam. Perversion of faith. Fear is the only real weapon they have. Nice play on words with regard to the meek. 4th standing O
- No retreat, no surrender. 5th standing O. Rangel stays seated. What a loser.
- Evil Empire - kudos Ronnie!
- Their day will come
- Iraq. Layout the plan with freedom and self determination as the goal. Interesting that the D's aren't clapping except for Senator Lieberman
- Winning is the only option. 6th standing O. Well the R's and the military at least.
- Military decisions are made by the military - not the politicans. 7th standing O
- Nice dig at the defeatists. Can't cut and run. Stop living in the past. Our word must be gold. 8th standing O - both sides of the aisle
- Letter from a Marine. Tears in my eyes. Honor. Sacrifice. 9th standing O
- Military families.10th standing O
- Freedom from terrorists via Democratic reform. Accountable institutions. Hamas must recognize Israel and work for peace. 11th standing O
- Liberty s the right and hope of all humanity. Iran repressing it's people. Must end...
- No nukes in Iran. 12th standing O
- Citizens of Iran - we are your friends - free and Democratic Iran
- Compassion abroad. Stop the madness before it begins. Healthcare for those who need it. National security is at stake
- Support the pro's who keep us safe. 13th standing O
- Reauthorize the Patriot Act. 14th standing O
- Failed to connect the dots pre 9/11. Must pursue international communications between terrorists. Can't wait to be hit again. 15th standing O. Hillary rolling her eyes. Clueless
- Gotta get the bad guys. 16th standing O
- Lotsa new jobs. More than Japan and the EU combined. No new taxes. Immigrants bad? Not the legal ones... 17th standing O
- Grow the economy. Tax relief has put 800 Billion back into the their owners hands. Make the tax cuts permanent. Yes!!! 18th standing O
- Cutting spending. 140 programs on the block. On track to cut the defict in half by 2009
- Earmark reform - yes. Line item veto - yesssssss! 19th standing O
- Hillary can't even smile at a joke. Medicaid and SS reform. 60% of the budget soon. 20th standing O from the Democrats.
- Entitlements. 21st standing O
- End partisan politics to solve SS problems. 22nd standing O
- With open markets no one can beat us. 23rd standing O
- Imigration reform. Secure borders - yes. Start with Mexico. Big F'ing wall. Guest workers - not sure.
- Affordable health care. 24th standing O. Hell yes! Free for the poor and elderly. The wife wonders about the middle class or will we end up paying for all? Electronic records? Gotta be secure. Portable coverage. No OBs for women in 1500 countys. Medical liability reform. 25th standing O. No D's.
- Addicted to Oil. Foreign oil. Energy technology. 26th standing O. Hydrogen cells for cars - much better than hybrids. 27th standing O. Replace 75% of imported oil by 2025. Get away from a petroluem based economy. 28th standing O
- Must keep the education edge. Lead in math and and science. Energy research. Must innovate.
- Train teachers for AP instruction. Teach math and science - yes! 29th standing 0
- Great force for freedom and prosperity. Treat every one nicely. Crime down. Welfare down. Drug use down. Abortion down. Teen pregnancy down. It's all good. Revolution of conscince. Personal responsibility. 30th standing O
- People still worry. Never surrender. Prove the pessimists wrong. Over and over again.
- Roberts and Alito. 31st standing O. Judges must be servants of the law and not legislate from the bench. Happy trails Justice O'Connor
- Human life is a gift from God. 32nd standing O
- Trust. Ethics in Washington? hahahaha. Can't betray the public trust. 33rd standing O
- 34 standing O for Laura
- 85 Billion for the Gulf Coast. Treat the problems that existed beforehand. Must have hope and opportunity. 35 standing O
- Stop HIV/AIDS. 36th standing O. Work for the day of no new infections
- Will we turn back or finish well? Lead freedoms advance. 37th standing O

God bless you too Mr. President

Some thoughts - pretty good speech. The D's showed the usual lack of class save for a few. The pundits will be interesting.


The Silicon Gadfly said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was watching your post during the speech. I included a pointer on my blog.

al said...

Thanks for watching. Live blogging is a challenge. I do it just so that my first reactions to the speech are recorded.

The Silicon Gadfly said...

I appreciate the challenge, and the fruits of your efforts. I addressed your concerns over the "liberal" label in an update to my post, so I would hope that you need have no further worries on that count. (If it really worried you, I could remove you from my list, but I like having a spectrum of opinion.)