Tuesday, January 24, 2006

24 - Episode 5

A little on the slow side but some holes were filled. I was glad to see that there wasn't another mole inside CTU. It seems that, for a anti-terrorist unit, they seem to do lousy background checks. A mole in the White House staff - well a little far-fetched but with so many ulterior motives in the world it's not difficult to see.

President Logan, well, in some ways he reminds me of a certain recent Democratic president. No real spine. He should, like all smart husbands, learn to listen to his wife. I get the feeling that he won't survive the year.

On to the gun handling: The CTU folks are pretty solid in this respect but the "professional" hitman had his finger on the trigger of his Glock after assembly and while racking the slide. How stupid can you be?

Body count: The folks over at Blogs for Bauer have been tracking this. Why? It's part of the show. How many bad guys can Jack send on their way each hour? Well good guys die as well. This week only 2 died. I guessed right this week. I'm sure the winnings are in the mail. :-)

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