Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Day

My wife and I both took the day off to spend together. She had been talking about going shooting with me and, since weekends at the local indoor range is a zoo, we went today. She hadn't really shot a gun since the late 80's. Bought me several in that time but never pulled the trigger herself.

Got to the range just after they opened, signed in, got ready. She decided to shoot my Ruger Mark II. Showed her how to load, safety, etc. Explained that the Clark trigger on the pistol is really light and let her go. Within a couple of magazines she was shooting decent groups. 250 rounds later she was grinning and planning on taking a couple of her targets to work on Tuesday to show off. Me - I just put 250 rounds through my CZ-75 and Glock 17. Spent a lot of time on different shooting grips and pistol positions. I find that I shoot a lot better if I bring the pistol a little closer to my eyes.

Did some Christmas shopping after shooting. Found some deals on gifts for Thing2. Stopped at Claim Jumpers for lunch. They had a prime rib open face sandwich on special. Yumm. The potatoes were mashed and then deep fried like pancakes. So awesome.

And then it was time for conferences at school. Thing2 is doing pretty good. Some issues in Algebra but otherwise the teachers were happy.

What a nice day!

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