Friday, July 11, 2008

Buckets of rain going sideways

Thats how the Daily Herald described the rain that descended on Chicagoland Speedway last night to cancel qualifying for the Lifelock 400. And we were in the middle of it...

I was in the stands with Thing1 and Thing2 waiting for the track to dry so that qualifying could start. The wife was outside waiting for the free concert to begin.

This was her view.

This was mine.

And after the first wave.

Thing1 said it was more like barrels of rain going sideways. It was pretty impressive. We hung out under the bleachers and still needed raingear to stay dry. Once it slowed down we headed out to find the van and head home. It was fun listening to the GPS give directions - this was helpful as the rain was still coming down hard and not all the road signs were easy to see.

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