Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fast Cars

We headed off to the Chicago Auto Show today. Picked up Thing1 at school, dodged lots of potholes, and made it to McCormick place to wander the aisles and see what grabbed our attention. Thing1 graduates in just over 90 days and is thinking of a new car once he has gotten that first job so he had certain models he wanted to see. Me - I just like to look and dream a bit.

We found some race cars. One of Tony Stewart's new rides was there.

He managed a close second in the Bud Shootout tonight.

Kevin Harvick had a car at the Shell display.

Shell was nice enough to have a board so that fans could wish Kevin well.

If one goes straight down from the first O a little bit you might find something a little different...

I wonder where that came from...

Chevrolet had a Bumblebee Camaro on display. What a beautiful car. Thing1 wants one as one as long as it can transform.

And if I had 100K to spend... It would be on a Chevrolet ZR1 Corvette.

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