Monday, October 29, 2007

Project Valour-IT 2007

I had been wondering when this was going to start as Veterans Day was fast approaching. A visit to Blackfive confirmed it was time.

Time to give.

Project Valour-IT is simply a way for the average American to give something back to the brave men and women who, while in service of our great country, have lost the ability to communicate. Valour-IT provides voice driven laptops and software to those in need to help them stay in contact with their loved ones. As a geek I think this is a awesome idea and one worth funding. It is run by Soldiers Angels and, as before, the fund raising is a competition between the services. This year my money to the Team USMC in memory of my dad.


Holly Aho said...

Send me your email addy so that I can include you in Marine Corps team updates as the fundraiser progresses!
Have a great night ;-)

Flag Gazer said...

Hi -
We have had to change the widgets for the Valour-IT competition. The original 'Chip-In' widgets are frozen and not reflecting totals and money donated will not be credited for days. Thank you for participating and for changing the widget!

You can go to the main listing page for a new widget

Thank you for joining our team!, said...

hello , i hope can kindly send me a mail