Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come on feel the noise

Not that Quiet Riot. The one Barack Obama says is brewing among blacks in America.

Obama refers to the LA riots after the Rodney King trial and post Katrina relief and how they are a window into Black America. Lets think about those two for a second.

The LA riots: One can protest without rioting. Martin Luther King showed how to do that in the 60's. The riots, in my opinion, were an excuse to destroy their neighbors property and blame it on someone else.

Katrina: So much has been said that it's hard not to repeat others words but New Orleans was a pit before hand. Katrina just exposed it to the world. Had Mayor Nagin done a better job of getting people out of N.O. before hand and stepped up afterwards rather than blame everyone else - well things might just be better there. Billions has been thrown at the problem. Cities in Mississippi, some harder hit that N.O. are recovering - without complaint. N.O. is hampered by a lack of leadership.

Unfortunately leadership is something that Senator Obama knows nothing about.

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