Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shamrox Win

We (the wife, Thing2, and I) went to the last Shamrox game of the season. Thing1, Thing2, and I had gone to an game earlier in the year and really enjoyed so I figured the wife might enjoy it as well. She's not a huge sports fan but indoor lacrosse is such a fast, fun game we all went. Almost all as Thing1, tucked away at school, stayed at school.

Indoor lacrosse reminds me of hockey with a ball and no ice with some basketball strategy mixed in. Great fun.

Thing2 got a clip of a goal being scored. A little grainy but it shows the transition of the game.

After the game fans can go down on the field. Here is Thing2 on the Shamrox bench.

And with some of the Shamrox dance team.

And with players and the team mascot.

At the end of the game the team was throwing shirts and balls up into the stands. We were on the upper level and the public address announcer threw a ball our way. Caught it on the fly. Added some autographs on the field.

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pa07 said...

hey guys..the pa guy typing your way...just saw the great shots of the thing you call thing1!!! glad you all enjoyed the game and great catch up season come down and say hello...have a great off season and thanks for introducing yourself after the game...take care and have a great summer