Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Day at the Range

Thing1 likes to go shooting whenever he is home from college on break. We didn't make it at Thanksgiving due to family obligations but made it this week :-)

Took along my old Ruger Mark II pistol, my last years Christmas present - Glock 17, my Ruger 10/22 with it's new sight,

and this years Christmas present my KelTec Sub2000 9mm carbine.

One interesting feature of the Keltec is that it folds for storage and transportation.

Thing1 spent most of his time with the .22s. He sighted in the 10/22 and went through about 425 rounds. The dot sight made for accurate rapid fire.

He also put a couple of magazines through the Keltec. I tried out the 10/22 as well after he had sighted it in. The dot sight almost makes it too easy.

I spent most of my time and ammo (~300 rounds) with the Glock and the KelTec. Working on close (7-15 yards), rapid fire, with the standard pattern of 2 to the torso and 1 to the head. The Keltec is easy to control in this manner.

I also put a couple of magazines into the chest area of the target with the occasional head shot.

I'm not quite as good with the Glock but it's getting there.

All guns performed well. I had one stovepipe with the Keltec. That was the only problem I've had with it so far. I think it's still in it's break in period. It also needs a good cleaning. The Glock has yet to have a non-operator induced error. Both the 10/22 and Mark II had a failure to extract. Just one each. Time for a real scrubing of both of these. It was a wonderful morning together. The smile on his face as he sighted in the 10/22 and as his group sizes got smaller and smaller - it was great to see. As for me - shooting is a stress reliever. My job gets to me at times and this is my escape.

And what would a trip to the range be without at least one dinosaur target...

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